What I Choose to Start



I am a house wife and I have had many starts in the past – be it a family to start with or with building it, venturing into business, traveling abroad to name a few among many that I could remember as of now.

I have always felt happy when I choose to start something new because I always did a prior study before venturing into anything so that I did not face any major issues what so ever till date.

When it comes to technology, I am NOT that much great in exploring things though I know the basics. I have no trouble in saying that I always took the assistance of my son when it came to latest technology because he holds Dual Masters and I always feel proud of him.

I also upgrade my gadgets not for fashion but for my need and hence you can understand the importance I give to selecting a device. It is by NEED and not by Luxury and I am always against it which doesn’t mean I am against those fancy stuffs which my Son and Daughter happily use it every day. It’s just that I am averse to it.

At the same time you should not discount me in using cheap stuffs. I use the one which is well known among all of us and at the same time gives some great value for the money invested. I saw this new ad from MotoE and let me explain shortly as to what I would do NEW with this.

Firstly, I would use its camera effectively. The front one to do Skype Video Chat with my daughter who is abroad and with the Rear Cam, I would capture some great pics and send it to her in regular intervals.

Secondly, I would also be writing more blogs which I have started as a pastime passion and I am sure with its great user interface and better processor, I can do it with ease because I write as and when I think about writing one rather than sitting leisurely and start writing a blog post.

With the latest Operating System, I can give a peace of mind to my Son who would be real happy about me going for an updated version though as I have mentioned earlier, that I am not particular about it.

When I get a new one, I do not forget about the old one. Yes, I would hand over my old gadget to some one who is in real need because it would give them a NEW START!!!

Do check this awesome site which gives you more avenues to new things -> http://www.startwithmotoe.com/

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